Going Incognito

Olive green was a trend at some point last year. I saw it being spoken about by a number of magazines and fashion bloggers and I was not sold. Honestly, my reason for rejecting it was that it reminded me a little bit of dressing up in an army uniform (or at least an army uniform in Uganda), basically going incognito. Why would there be a craze to wear something that looked like you were trying to blend in with the jungle?! Then Angela brought back a dress similar to this from Berlin last year. Before she wore it, I was honestly 50/50.

One day she wore it and paired it with gold jewelry and suddenly I understood what the craze was about. There was sophistication in wearing an olive green colour, and the incognito look worked well. It felt like the people who wore it had dressed up without putting so much effort into it, and honestly, this shade of green was unexpectedly classy!

Now I know green is a no go zone for many people – the generally association of green with being sick, I don’t know about you guys, but I was sold when I saw this dress, and even more when I tried it on and shot it in a green background – almost to go incognito. Lol.

I paired this with brown and black heels, which is sort of perfect because the brown (nude) blends in with my skin and keeps with the incognito theme. I also decided to have some fun with my hair and wear it in double buns (what I call Minnie Mouse buns when I feel like channeling my inner child. FYI this hairstyle is probably the simplest thing to pull of).

What do you think, would you be caught wearing this colour?

Let me know in the comments below.

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