Wedding Fever

In case you didn’t know, I said YES some months back, and I am currently chest deep in the process of planning a wedding. I won’t even say that it’s a piece of cake guys, weddings are hard to plan. I might have even had the fever’s once or twice. They involve needing to strike a balance and find a peace point between so many different parties, that it sometimes feel like a constant losing battle.

I’ll give you a few scenarios, cake tasting. I remember sitting around my friends and my mum and listening to her oooh and ahhh over different flavours that I didn’t really care about. I had walked into that cake shop with my mind set on what I wanted, and I honestly felt like all of this was just not necessary. It might be my inner sensibility, or my lack of being too girly, I’m not sure, but I was just honestly not sold on the whole fuss of it. In the end, I chose the flavours I wanted, and threw in a few to make everyone else happy, and moved on. Interestingly, at the beginning of all of this, I fought almost every decision, but along the way, I learnt to choose my battles, and let a bunch of things go.

I am very fortunate to have friends and family that really, truly care about this event. Since this time rolls around for most of us sometimes in life, I thought that I’d share some survival tips that will help you avoid turning into bridezilla herself. We find the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with and then even before we have time to think through the life we want to create together, we are thrown into this whirlwind of other people’s expectations, hopes and dreams. All of this leads to planning an extremely high cost event, wondering if we care about half the things we must include that no one might notice.

On the flip side, I have had quite a lot of personal growth in this period, and know that there is probably a lot more to go before we literally jump the broom and then start on another whole adventure and growth experience of its own. Advice to the next girls that catch the bouquet… Life goes on. So when you have the chance, slap on some make up, a killer dress, go do your nails or sit under the hair dryer and breathe. It will all come and go. No point trying to control everything.

A friend planning her wedding gave me some sound advice, “Tell them what they want to hear and then do what you want.” It sounds harsh but sanity and self-care is more important than the ruffle detail you left out on the invitation card.

Until the next time.

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