Kampala Restaurant Week 3 Winners

Once again, the time that rolls around every once a year that I know we all eagerly wait for, just ended this past weekend. I’m talking about Kampala Restaurant Week, when you, me and almost everyone in Kampala says a prayer for the team at the Pearl Guide and thanks them for existing, not forgetting to put in a clause to request God to keep them around forever.

I will not even try and pretend like I did not spend the 10 days of restaurant week stuffing my face and trying to experience as much of it as I could. Also, I know if you are reading this, you probably went out to at least one place. If you did not, I’m terribly sorry for you and I’ll ask you to wait until next year.

I know we have not yet formally chosen this year’s winners, but these in my books took the cup for me. Disclaimer : I bet so many other restaurants did an amazing job, but I tried to look out for and check out the one’s I have not spoken about on the blog before, and to experiment with stuff I’ve not eaten before.

Potato Blinis at The Food Library:

Guy’s I hate to say it, but if you did not check out TFL this year, then I worry you have not experienced Kampala Restaurant Week. Not only did this restaurant just pop up for the purpose of Kampala Restaurant Week this year, the food they served particularly the Potato Blinis, was out of this world. So much so that I will probably dedicate a separate blog post to TFL, so that you can see why you should probably look them up and order their food.

Thai pineapple fried rice with Chicken at Olives:

I planned to go and taste this right from the very start, because who can resist a meal served inside a huge pineapple? I asked them to tone the chilli down, and I got rice cooked to perfection with the occasional surprise of chicken, Italian pepper, and cashew nuts. The only thing I can say is this portion was huge and I could not finish it on my own.

Torta di pesce con patate saltate al pesto at Karveli:

Translated simply into fish cakes, this casual meal tasted amazing. Karveli is new in the city, and I’ve been looking to get a chance to tell you about it on the blog. It makes me really happy that I went by, tasted their fish cakes, and they made it to this list. It was served along with potatoes, and vegetables, and although I originally tasted it because of what it looked like, it only made it here because of its taste.

Brown Sugar Pineapple Chicken at Prunes:

I had to try this one! Not only was it chicken, it was chicken served along with pineapples and a sauce that was somewhat peanut buttery. It tasted really, really good, especially when you combined everything on your plate together.

Italiano petto di pollo con patate lyonnaise at Karveli:

I’m bringing you back to Karveli because separate from the fish cakes; they also served me a chicken dish wrapped in bacon. *Pause for dramatic effect* chicken – wrapped – in – bacon. Needless to say, it tasted just like you thought it would.

I want to let you guys know that almost every other person I met told me to go to Arena One and try out their pork ribs, and I went by but they were not ready. (Something about the cooking process lasting a whole 5 hours). Something tells me they would have made it to this list as well.

This is my list of winners, and I’ll be jumping off the blog to go and hit the gym to get my life in order after being all sorts of irresponsible. Where did you go? What did you try that you think deserves to win?

Till the next time.