Libraries about Food

In my last blogpost I hinted that I would be back to give you guys the full Imigani on The Food Library (TFL), and I want to make sure I do it now so that I do not leave out any details in my experience at this restaurant. By now you probably know that TFL put together a pop up for Kampala Restaurant Week at the Hilltop Naguru, and if you read my last post last week then you know that I raved about it, and this is why we are here today.

Hannat who is the mind behind this concept is obviously passionate about cooking and food on the whole. She tells me she’s been cooking her whole life, but she attended culinary school four years ago, and has since started the TFL idea. If you check out any of her social media pages, you’ll find out that she takes direct orders and delivers food, cake, and whatever you would like to eat around Kampala city.

When I asked her why she didn’t opt for having an actual restaurant, she told me she enjoys the concept as it is, and she is not ready to get into the bits and bobs of having an actual restaurant. And who can blame her. Her business model seems to be working just perfectly for her as it is.

I’m hoping that through my pictures you can see the attention to every single detail that Hannat thought through to bring this space alive. The wood, mixed with metal, and industrial materials like sacs like played on “Ugandan” items, all with a touch of flowers and greenery to bring everything together.

Not forgetting the meals what were part of her restaurant week menu, and cocktails which she hand made. She went as far as freezing fruit into ice cubes something which I had not seen before, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

When I asked if she had hit any snags, she let me know that unfortunately some of the people she had hired as her service were not doing things as quickly as she, or her customers would have liked, but she quickly solved this by cutting down on her service team which made them easier to monitor.

You guys have heard me say over and over that I applaud people who find their passions and thrive in them, and Hannat is no exception.

Would I order from TFL? Certainly. Would I look for their restaurant if another one popped up? Without a doubt.

PS: Hannat told me that some of the furniture pieces that they used for this pop up would go up for sale after restaurant week, so if you see anything you like in the pictures, reach out to her and try and get it, by all means.

Till the next time,