Weekends: Imigani Style

We are so blessed to live in a country where we have sun all year round, yet most of us spend the week rushing to work and the weekends not leaving the house for fear of being out in the sun. I personally make a mental note to intentionally enjoy my weekends when they do roll around. Actually, we seem to have a little bit of an Imigani tradition when it comes to the weekends.

Kampala is definitely the city of hustle and bustle, boda boda’s, dust, and taxis that never seem to follow any traffic rules. Yet, it is also the city of the people who like to enjoy their life, and center their happiness around great tasting food and drinks. We are Ugandans, but we are also Kampalans and our unique culture and vibrancy is something I have not seen anywhere else.

On this day, we decided to drive out to the lake, with a regular mat, a food basket (like the ones you could buy in the early 90’s) jeans, a cute top and cute flats. I’m all about comfort and this outfit did just that for me. I was feeling particularly celebratory, so I threw on a golden head piece and threw my hair causally to the side. It was actually quite beautiful to be the only ones, out on the lake with our own picnic goody bag. Hopefully I’ll talk about this in an entirely different post.

But more than that, I felt like I looked. “Look good, feel good” and “Happy girls are the prettiest” are two quotes that I thought about on this warm sunny day.

You could decide to skip the Saturday morning hangover and pack a picnic bag intentionally planning to enjoy the sun and sand. Or maybe treat yourself to a mani/pedi/massage/scrub… or veg out on your favorite shows, but for all our sakes, take a break, so that we will have less road rage, grumpy workmates and burnout. Just remember to make an effort to look good while you are at it.

Till the next time guys.

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