Why you need to Go Fish

I’m back this week with a place in Kampala you need to go and check out guys! Go Fish is a place that I bet you have been whizzing by located in Naguru, Bugolobi and Muyenga. Their specialty is fish (obv).
From their branding, it’s easy to think they sell just raw fish. Well they do, but more than that, they have a restaurant that serves some of the best fish I’ve had in Kampala. It’s no secret that we are land locked. What that means is that fish lovers get their fish from lake Victoria with at least half a day between the actual fishing and the eating. Go Fish turns that whole mentality on its head.
On the way in, they have huge aquariums with live fish in them. Your job is then made really simple, you just have to stand and point at whatever fish you’ll have for dinner and they’ll pick it up and pack it for you.
If you are feeling like dining out, you can also select a fish and have it freshly made for you and served with your option of fries, matooke or vegetables. When I tell you this fish tastes fresh, I. Am. Not. Kidding. It defines what people mean when they say “the fish tasted like it was fresh out of the water”.
These guys give you the option to have your fish deep fried or char grilled. The deep fried fish takes about 15 minutes to get ready. The char grilled fish on the other hand takes about 45 minutes to get ready. I’m going to confess and let you know that I’ve been here enough times to taste both options. I implore you, if you have the time to, go for the char grilled option.
I say this without taking away from the deep fried fish, it’s really tasty if that’s your cup of tea. The char grilled fish on the other hand has flavour that will leave you wanting to go back and get more. It’s stuffed with celery and some other vegetables, and tastes GREAT. The vegetables are cooked to perfection, and the fish has a smokey finish to it.
Deep fried fish with whatever side you choose is priced at UGX 15,000 and Char grilled fish is priced at UGX 20,000. If you are looking for a bigger fish to make you fuller, they offer you the option to pick a bigger fish, at a small price increment.
If you haven’t been to Go Fish, make sure you go and check it out.
This is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinion.
Till next week. 😀