Abundantly Angela

Hello my lovelies, you might have noticed I have been missing in action. Its mostly because I have had a lot going on and we are right in the thick of the wedding planning stuff right now. But even that couldn’t stop me reflecting and diving into this post. I originally planned to write this post at the end of the year. I would have had 12 months to think carefully through it. I have this ritual that I practice every year. I pick a word and make it my mantra. I constantly think about it, ponder on all its facets, and let it guide me through the year. Most times when I pick a word, I feel that the universe is teaching me humility in the word. This year’s word is ABUNDANCE. I’m not sure what I was thinking to pick this word the year I am getting married, but I did. My oh my, has abundance taken me on the merry – go – round of all merry – go – rounds.

I think most importantly, I have learned that abundance is not something that comes to you from outside. It is from within. It is a state you choose regardless of all the mayhem and worries running about your head. I would define abundance as a “state of exceeding” or known in pop culture as being “extra” … scratch that “extra extra” There is more time, more money, more … whatever it is that plagues your thoughts most of the time. So for this mid year review… I’m learning that you do not learn abundance when you have extra. You learn abundance when you are “lacking” because essentially it is a state of mind.

I think I picked this word because of a friend of mine that lives, really lives her life. Regardless of her current state, she prances around like she has no care in the world and I love what it looks like on her.

I’m just sitting here hoping that the first 6 months were for me to learn the lesson and the rest of the year is going to be me enjoying and adjusting to the new definition of abundance. Sending you lots of good vibes and reminding you that this moment right now, is the only moment you have for sure. Nothing else is promised!



PS: The pictures in this post are from our blog’s archives.