Nyange, the Bird Sanctuary

I’m coming to you today to tell you about how I recently learnt about a bird. A Nyange to be exact. I’m sure if you live around a lake in the tropics then you’ve seen a pack of beautiful white birds with elongated necks roaming around you. If you do not know, Nyange’s also known as Egrets in English are a clan in Buganda, a tribe in Uganda.

I took a trip to Nyange Resort and Marina, a fairly new and hidden gem sitting at the shores of Lake Victoria, on the way to Entebbe. After turning off of the main road where I saw the Nyange Resort sign, the murram road and slight glimpses of the lake in the distance warned me that I wherever I ended up, it would be really scenic. And scenic it was.

Nyange Resort, in my eyes is an appreciation for Uganda’s flora and fauna. Not only does it sit on our most prominent lake surrounded by trees and rocks, when you visit it, you will hear and see many different bird and animal species. I’m laughing because I just remembered that at some point I saw a squirrel race across the compound right in front of me.On top of that, it is built in locally sourced materials like timber, bamboo and sisal, and is literally carpeted in local Ugandan flowers.

This little place that sits not far out of Kampala city, in my opinion is a certain go to if you need a quick getaway out of the city. Among the things you could do is bird watching, taking a boat ride on the Entebbe shores, and of course just lounge around doing nothing much.

And so the next time you are looking for somewhere to go and unwind, consider going to Nyange Resort.

This is not a sponsored post, so please contact the hotel to get information on their rates.

Till the next time,