The life you want

We have all heard the statement, “The grass is greener on the other side” or know someone that somehow seems to always be enjoying their life, a little more than seems permissive. They are easy, breezy about most things and you just wonder how they do it! I have to constantly remind myself that the life you want is right there by you. Its probably been there the entire time, but sometimes, we live waiting for someone to give us permission to enjoy our best life.

A little birdie keeps reminding me to live a little, not be too uptight and quite literally smell the roses. I realized this, when a colleague was talking about her weekend plans She had planned a full – on picnic, with a basket, mat, wine, bites and cheese and I was looking at her like she just walked off the set of 50 First Dates. She was looking for recommendations of the perfect place to go and I heard myself say Bahai temple. (Its funny, Joan and I had driven to Bahai temple a few days before. We had heard about a unique tree species growing there and wanted space to think, plan and even take a few blog pictures. But always in a rush, we didn’t pack enough to sit, chat and have a laugh.) Yet my colleague went all the way there and had the time of her life.

We found a beautiful location and our photographer friend worked her magic with the camera, but left wishing we had more time to sit and relax. After all, as life goes on, those moments are few and far in – between.

I guess my point is that I am actively learning to enjoy the journey and not be too focused on the destination. The say, “Life happens when you are making plans” because that’s what precisely happens. We are so busy making plans and living in the future trying to plan for a perfect tomorrow that we are actually missing out on the joy of the day.

The life I want is here. Just begging for me to peer down at it and enjoy what its got to offer. And so is yours. And if you wish, take a picture while you are doing it.

Photography by Nicole Magabo.

Till the next time.