You know those days when you get up and cannot be bothered to make any effort in putting in a lot of work to look great? The kind of days when you look for the simplest, most lazy pieces to throw on race through your front door for God knows what? I just found a solution for those days. For when laxity is your complete state of mind and you want a piece of clothing as forgiving, and as relaxed.

I find that the older I grow, and the more busy my work and weekdays are, the more I crave to not be bothered by anything and just dress up in one simple piece of cloth that still manages to somehow make me look like I tried.

Enter this maroon Indian styled jumpsuit. Made in breathable cotton material, and cut to mimic Indian style, this jumpsuit gives me the ability to live in a super lax state of mind, and still somehow manage to look sane, lol.

I wore this to a pow wow session I had with Angela, where part of our discussion was our way forward for the blog, and just life in general. She spoke about it in detail in her last blog post.

Nicole took these amazing shots.

What is your current state of mind? Share with us in the comments section below.

PS: I’m super excited that its November and before you know it the festive season (and my favorite time of the year will be here).

Talk soon!