Growing Boldly Into Our Own

It’s truly a beautiful thing, to arrive at that place in your life when you are comfortable with the idea that you are your own unique person. Carefully woven into the complex personality you present each sunrise. Standing right next to your sister on opposite sides of the wall where you can not see each other yet you mirror each other’s movements. You realize that you are so similar, yet at the same time so different and that’s OK! All you are really doing is growing boldly into your own.

In May this year, we featured in Bold in Africa’s women of the month. It was fun, and it was an honour. We often come as a package deal. Sisters, yes. Twins? NOPE. Who is older? Keep guessing. Anyway. Our love for fashion, lifestyle, appetite to do the things that many people don’t want to do, love for the hustle and willingness to see life as not “black and white” is probably the thing that makes us most similar. Also, maybe something to do with having gone through the same womb and a weird knack for knowing when something is up with each other.

Today, we stand here, bright and beautiful as uniquely Angela and uniquely Joan… and even more boldly ; The Imigani Sisters.

Thank you Bold! Keep creating the space where designers physically show their minds and hearts desires. We will definitely be looking to keep wearing them in our own way.

Wearing Jewelry by Kona and Embody Accessories.

Dresses by Afro Scissors.

Available in Bold in Africa.

Photography by rollandrollie.