Pitter Patterns

It is the end of 2017! I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I blinked and this year is gone! In today’s blog post I’ll talk about the ease of wearing patterns and weave a little bit into something that has been on my mind lately. The pattern that women are expected to fall into, in life.

Interestingly for the longest time I steered clear of patterns, I was just not sure that they were for me and it was always easier to stick to one or two block colours instead. One day I tried on a piece of cloth that had a pattern printed on it and it did not look half as bad as I thought. As time goes by, I’ve become bolder and you just might catch me pairing two patterns that should never, ever work together, and yet they somehow do.

Aside from my nudging you to be daring in the choices you put together when you choose your outfits, I would like to talk about women, and the things society expects, or pushes us to do. Get married by a certain age they say, make sure you’ve found a man, now that you are married you’ve got to have a baby in the next year, the list is endless and eye watering to say the least.

I guess my blog post today is about more than anything else, encouraging women to do things in their own time. The time that they feel is right for them. I am also letting you know, if you are a culprit and are guilty of walking up to people and not thinking through statements like these before you make them, to think twice next time.

We spoke a little bit about this in one of our last social media posts, but although we both have beautiful lives that we share with the people who matter to us, we also have dreams and things that we are passionate about. As women, the easiest thing when we “settle down” is to let our dreams and passions take a break, and focus on being the best wives, mothers (insert any natural female role you can think of) we can be.

So it is extremely important to us that despite life, we continue to keep Imigani up and running. Angela and I are constantly meeting and making plans on how to make the blog work, alongside all of the things we have going on. This is still a work in progress, but we will figure it out.

Angela is a pharmacist, and every bone in her body is entrepreneurial. When she looks at anything she finds herself flipping it over in my her mind and thinking of how it can make money.  I do PR, from as long as I can remember I have a calm and natural way of selling things to people. In a very bizarre way, we’ve somehow managed to combine those skills; our day to day life skills, and channel them into our blog. So without having to say so, it is important that we sharpen our pharmacist/entrepreneurial and PR/marketing skills.

In a nutshell, although it has been the year of embracing change, 2017 has also been the year of reminding ourselves to preserve what makes us, us.

Is there anything that you feel like is undeniably what you would like to keep doing and you are not ready to let it go? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for stopping by.