Pinky Promises

There is a definite promise around the new year that makes your fingertips feel so close to touching possibility. You can remove yourself from the details, the notion of people “wondering what the heck you were thinking to decide on that PINK jumpsuit”. Most of us make pinky promises to ourselves to take better care of ourselves and our families, read more books, we promise to be better about clearing the kitchen before the end of the night of cooking or in my case, just have more FUN.

This cute, pink midi jumpsuit screamed out to me. It was a no brainer really. A girl can’t always be a “classic” and its nice to push your style comfort zone from time to time. As some of you that have followed along our posts for a while know, every year, I choose a “word for the year”. This year; the word happens to be FUN, or joy or even happiness to put it plainly.  Why that word? Well… because, I keep projecting to my future self in my mind, and what advice I would have for my 20 something year old self.

If an outfit could describe exactly what I am going for, it would be this one. Bright pink, well tailored, cropped at the bottom and cut out at the back! I will of course always love the classics and simpler fashions but WHY not have a little fun with clothes.

I have spent most of this decade taking myself too seriously, worrying about this and that and all the little things in – between that I have no business worrying about. I keep hearing this cautionary message in my mind, “This might be the BEST decade of a woman’s life. Can you really say these were the best years for you?”

Its a late start, and I have a bit of catching up to do, but I intend to have more fun, take more risks and not take myself too seriously in 2018. “As the saying goes, Take life seriously, but yourself, not at all!”

Jumpsuit  can be purchased at Joci Boutique.

Artwork by Paula Nyangabyaki.

If you didn’t catch that story, you probably should.

Till the next time, Angela.