Unraveling Dreams

Put me anywhere too long and you will start to see the lights go out in my eyes. I just start existing and going through the motions instead of being present and really enjoying every moment. I’m the type of person that thrives on the idea of new experiences, dreams, new conversation, new opinions and seeing life through other people’s eyes. Although come to think of it, I’m not sure if most of the appeal is in it being NEW or Different.

Its my blessing and curse. A spirit and sense of wonder. The idea that there is and can certainly be more to life than I can see right now.

I used to call myself a realist but I do not use that word anymore. I realized it was my way of avoiding pessimist and hiding under the umbrella of the facts. What I couldn’t see, is that there is nothing factual or realistic about DREAMING. And yet, if you cannot dream it, you will not have it and you cannot be it.

What is the point in a dream that is not truly wild and uncensored? In your head is probably the only place you get to roam free. Why choose to limit that? Just a few insights into what I want to learn next; carpentry (when I learn how to make breakfast in bed trays, that will be my measure of success) get back to -conversational french status and a host more other things that I want to master.

So, as the year begins to unfold before my very eyes, I will start with DREAMS. Big, audacious, cant – believe – you, wake up kind of dreams. I will pin them up, right next to where my plans for the year are. I’m not sure if only a year will help me see my wildest dreams, but I will keep looking at it, stark in the eyes, staring it down, daring it to look down and try me.

Because…. I’m ready. I am ready.

Are you?

What is 2018 looking like for you so far?

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