Rut Away

“I need to get out of this rut” is a thought that I find myself thinking continuously, and I can bet it is happening or has happened to every single one of you – at least once. And naturally so, because life is repetitive in a way and we just came out of the promise of a new year, only for January to descend on us and shock us into thinking about what the rest of 2018 will be like.

My post this week is really more than anything checking in on you guys to see how in the world you get out of a rut, right away – see what I did there? Lol.

Seriously though, I’ve never been a creative person, I find no reason to pretty up my space more than it needs to be. I even made the decision to loc my hair because I could not bear to think of what I could do with it to style it every day. Think function over form. (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is relevant to say it again for whoever might be new to the blog).

Joan is quite the opposite. She views the world with her artist’s eye and puts together everything in her mind to a picture perfect balance. And so I was surprised when we recently spoke about looking for ways to get out of our writing rut, and seek for inspiration and she agreed.

To illustrate the point of what I mean, I thought it fitting to pair this post with pictures of the both of us, wearing pretty much the same tops. (Lovely tops may I add). The whole point though is that if we had worn the same top in two different colours it would have made for more visual interest.

So how do you guys pull it off? What are your sources of inspiration? More than anything, we want to hear from you on where you go to get inspiration, so that we can try and draw some from the same place.

Please comment and let us know.

PS: Tops from Joci Boutique.

Still featuring Paula’s work.

Till the next time,