So Artsy

Artsy. A word that I’ve heard so many people describe me. From as far back as I can ever remember I’ve always been “artsy”. It just came so naturally to me. In a sense it describes my very being.

When my dad speaks about me, in his proud baritone he will always almost always say “when this girl was so young, before she could barely speak, she would very instantly put together sketches of cats” this conversation almost always leaves me feeling shy, but in a sense it reaffirms the “why” for me in so many of the things I do.

I studied art from pre-school to high school and I did pretty well in it too. Along the way, I ended up being convinced not to pursue it as a career because it just seemed like it was not sensible enough. My dad and I agreed that I would always be an artist, and I needed a base of business to learn how to make money through my art.

Fast forward to today and Imigani was born. In my opinion a perfect way to balance my artsiness, and business. Things like styling hair come really easy to me. Colour combinations and design are things that I do not struggle with. So, I’ve managed to carry it with me and found ways to find a balance for myself.

Needless to say, interviewing people like Paula and seeing her take on her passion so whole heartedly leaves me with mixed feelings. I can’t help but envy her for being unapologetic in the pursuit for her passion. I’m also proud of her for doing so.

Do I regret the direction in which I chose to take my life? No. Somehow I’m convinced I’m exactly where I needed to be with my career. And I love that I can be my artsy self without any external pressure of delivery, and let it continue to come so naturally to me.

With that, I’ll love and leave you.

PS: How cute is this puppy sitting around calmly while I hold it and use it as a feature in this shoot?!


Dressed by Joci Boutique.