Third time’s a charm: Imigani Love 3

Read this in the voice of an extremely excited and exorbitant announcer, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Imigani Love version 3.0 is here!”

Guys, we know we normally run this around Valentine’s Day, but this year we thought we would give it a slightly different spin and weave it around Women’s Day. So many times you hear us talk about women that are doing exceptionally well. So much so that we may be slightly obsessed fully supportive of women who excel in doing things they are passionate about.

Because so many of you (our readers) are women, we have taken the time to think through and extend our gratitude to you for continuing to stop by when we share our blog posts, commenting, developing a relationship with us (yes a relationship, because we feel like in a way you know us, and we would like to reach out and get to know you), and for having a dialogue with us.

This year’s Imigani Love is about recognizing women who are outstanding, in their personal, professional or otherwise lives. Our plan is to look at and watch your entries and pick out the strongest ones. We simply ask that you:

  1. Tell us why you or any woman you know deserves to win one of the prizes we are giving out, in a picture, collage or a video.
  2. Tag us so that we can find your entry and use the hashtag #ImiganiLove in the body of your text. (If we do not follow you, we may miss your entries, so please send us a DM. We will check our messages on Facebook and Instagram every day to make sure we miss none).
  3. Make sure you are following the brands we are partnering with.
  4. We are awarding extra marks for creativity.
  5. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 7th March at 12:00 noon.

Lastly, we know you want to know what is up for grabs. This year we are giving out prizes that we know will spoil you, and make you feel extra special – because you deserve to feel that way.

Bold is giving out a shopping voucher worth UGX 100,000 so that you can pick up anything you find in their store that you fancy. And they have some really nice stuff.

Kwenu Juice and Salad bar is going to share their juicing experience with you, so that you can learn how to make your own juices at home. They will also be giving you a 50% discount on their 4 day juicing, which is valued at UGX 178,000.

And Revel Décor UG is giving you a gift box with everything you could ever need to spoil yourself as a woman. Roses, chocolate and wine to celebrate Women’s Day all valued at UGX 200,000.

We would like to thank these brands for coming in to join us in celebrating you.

Look out for our social media over the next days to have a peep at exactly what you are taking home.

This competition is valid in Uganda only.

Goodluck people!

Love Angela and Joan.