Kinks, Kurls and Paradise

Joan and I were looking forward to this weekend to have all our favorite vendors in one place so that we could stock up on our favorite, home grown natural hair and beauty products. Its honestly like paradise, or some utopian Wakandan place where naturalistas go to get their mix. Joan is proudly natural and I’m happily loc’d so as you can imagine, we stamp a huge sign on our calendars to go make sure to come out to the Kinks and Kurls Expo  whenever it rolls around as well as take a peep at any new products lines our favorite brands have ventured into.

This year, the Kinks and Kurls Expo didn’t disappoint, as more home grown brands came out to showcase their products, and I’ll say, impressive products, packaging and branding ladies (and gents). I’m wary about the products I put in my hair but even more importantly on my skin. The pharmacist in me is always counting the endless list of ingredients in the product and honestly, the fewer, the better. I often seem to be tasting out a few products at the same time in the search for world class, (because I know my skin deserves it). I think our home grown brands are definitely coming really close and  I have always wanted to be at the finish line cheering them on.

I want to say I only went out for the products, but let’s be honest, we all go for the products, but also, the fashion, the beauty and the fierce naturalistas that came by last Sunday. It rolls around once a year and you can always look forward to the tried and tasted Ugandan brands, but also up and comers that embody the very essence of the “I woke up like this” movement. I even spotted a couple of brands all the way from Kenya. I might have seen head wrap sessions going on (even though I still can’t seem to wrap my hair to save my life), drinks and finger food bars and lots and lots of quirky t-shirts.

Of course I left with so many bags and a very empty wallet, but no regrets girls! #YOLO. Massive thank you to the organizers of the Kinks and Kurls Expo, the creators, and everyone who came together to plan the entire day out. Definitely looking forward to the next one and hoping to see more and more brands come out with brands for the ladies like myself that represent for #teamkinks.

Photography by Jonathan.