Healthy Options at Kwenu

A few weeks ago, I was wrapping up a week of travel.  It had been a long week on my last night I got up at 1:27am and then failed to nod off the rest of the night. Of course, that means that I threw my morning workout plan out the window when the birds started chirping at around 5:00am. Yes! I checked the time. It got me thinking about a couple of things I have been meaning to do but haven’t quite got to yet. Ideas and saving things to my pinterest board. But it also reminded me that EVERY time I travel, or life gets hectic, I seem to fall off my health wagon. There are just not too many healthy options between the 3 minute meals that are always made by someone else, and the overpriced coffee that scalds your tongue, Its no wonder I am dying to get home at the end of a work trip. I’m running on fumes and thinking about all the things I have got to get in order before the week starts.

It takes me to a lovely conversation I had with Nuba, of Kwenu Juice and Salad Bar over granola, nuts and yoghurt when she explained that her mission is to give people Healthy Options at an affordable price. Key word being options. I love this idea that someone’s health choices might not work for the next person and vice versa. Definitely check them out at the Kurb for a greatly priced healthy meal.

I have always said that I could try anything once. Its for this precise reason that we settled on giving one of our #Imiganilove3 health conscious prize winner, the opportunity to learn how to prepare a range of juices and a coupon. I think I will actually give this juice cleanse a go, and report back. [Call me your human guinea pig]. Right now, I’ll tell you what I told Nuba. I don’t know if I will last the full four days but I certainly need to reset and get my body and my mind on the same page. It will be interesting to try! (Also, I am not a nutritionist and seek the counsel of a trained professional before starting any new/extreme diet or regimen).

So while I get back into my busy week, I’m curious to hear from you on the things you do to reset when you feel like you’ve fallen off what normally is your “healthy train”.

Also, the weekend is almost here, so have fun – and remember to get some rest.

Till the next time,