How to not kill your travel buddies

Yes. This is a topic I’m breaching, because travel frustration can be very real. Over the years, my friends Carol, Toys and I have somehow turned into travel buddies. We share a passion for travel and have planned and executed a number of trips together. (You know it is not easy to make this happen because somehow somewhere people plan trips, and for one reason or another end up not making it). So needless to say, we have a special (travel) thing going. And it is important to teach ourselves how to not kill each other when we travel together – because let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to.

 These are the tips I refer to:

Independent time:

This one is a biggie for me. I call it my time to introvert. However close you are to someone, you will not be able to hang around each other for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Unless of course you would like to end up with some self caused bald patches. Agree at the beginning of your trip that you will need to spend some time on your own, to not only gather your thoughts, but reenergize for whatever activities it is that you have planned.

Discuss your to do lists:

Being three (or two or more individuals) travelling together means that whatever happens you have individual lists of things you know you have to do – for yourself of course. Before you go on your trip, discuss these things, and let your travel buddies know that they are important to you, and at some point in your trip you will need to get them done. Nothing will make you more unsatisfied than knowing that you didn’t tick certain things off your to do list, and you do not want to end up resenting your buddies for not doing so.


Talk about the fact that at some point you might get sick of being around each other. Your conversation should be something like this “what happens when we get tired of being around each other?” Your buddies might have solutions that you haven’t thought of. Also it will make you more conscious and aware of your feelings, and just might stop you from turning into the Travel Hulk.

Don’t let it fester:

If your buddy smacks her gum when it chews it and it is driving you up the wall, do not, I repeat,  DO NOT sit around brooding and hoping that a light bulb will go off in her head and she will somehow know that you can’t stand it. Speak up and let her know that her gum smacking might end up in her getting an actual smack from you.

Hang out with other people:

More than a few days in a new place, unless you are an actual Grinch means you will make at least one friend. Make plans outside of the ones you have with your travel buddies, and use this to give yourselves different perspectives of your trip. It will also allow you to step out of the cocoon of doing the things you would ordinarily do.

Play on each other’s strengths:

One of you might be a typical A type personality and you could be good with directions and getting around. One of you might be great at charming people and making new friends, and one of you might be great at haggling. Use those strengths and assign each other to do those roles. Needless to say, do not rely too much on each other for everything. You will still need to do some things for yourself should your buddy not be close to you.

Do you have any tips to share? Have you been on a trip with someone who did something exceptionally annoying to you? Share in the comments section below.