Lintons, a makeup and skincare go to in Kampala

I feel a special kind of joy to be putting together a blog post you guys! As you may know if you’ve been keeping up with our social media I got married not too long ago. Because of the madness that is planning a wedding we had to take a break from the blog – but it gives me so much joy to be able to have content and be back to doing this. Our first post since our break is about Lintons, a beauty world and spa in Kampala.

Lintons Beauty World at the Ground Floor in Acacia Mall hosted Angela and I, other Ugandan bloggers and some makeup enthusiasts in an event at their store this past Saturday in which we had Chiko Hope from Zimbabwe demonstrate and talk us through how to pull off a perfect face beat using Jackie Mgido products.

Now, I speak for Angela and myself when I say we know our makeup and can pull off a decent almost every day look. (I bet many of you feel the same way). Chiko showed us and talked us through why it is important to do your eyes first and then do your foundation later – because if you flipped them you would end up with smudged foundation. She showed us how to apply foundation and make it look like second skin, basically how to wear makeup without looking like you’ve piled it on (subtle looks anyone?!). She taught us special techniques on how to fill in your brows and make them look natural. The importance of wearing a powder based highlight and contour kit to combat the heat and humidity in Kampala…and the list goes on.

After that another consultant also from Zimbabwe talked us through skincare, why it is important to oil your face in outward circular motions, why when you moisturize your face you’ve got to make sure you get into your smile lines, the importance of wearing sun block, and so many other things that will help us (women) to age gracefully.

Everything that we spoke about was tagged to a product, all of which are available in the Lintons store. It’s funny because I had seen the store before, but never thought of going in to it to check it out. Now that I know it is there and it carries a lot of the products I look to pick up and send to Uganda, I’m excited to get shopping.

I learned so much about makeup and skincare this weekend, and I’ve been practicing since. Do you have any tips on makeup application or skincare that you think are a must share? Let me know in the comments below.