Clothes swap and wardrobes Rebirthed

Have you ever worn a dress and felt like it made you a super hero and yet it was not a onesie; head to toe spandex material costume? This dress (I will go into how I ended up owning it in this blog post), does just that for me. It makes me feel like an actual super human being without going through the turn moil of having to squeeze myself into anything uncomfortable. I got this dress through clothes swap; something I do with my friends and the minute I tried it on, a light bulb went off in my head and I knew I had to blog about this.

So basically what happens is my friends and I have a clothes swap crew. Every three to four months we go through our wardrobes and purge out the pieces that we used to love and we know could work for each other, but have not worn in the past six months or so.

We then sit down at any of our houses and (over a bottle of wine and a lot of catching up) hand them over to each other (on a first come first serve basis), after which there is certainly bickering over who grabbed what piece first despite the fact that it had caught whose attention first. In the middle of all this, we get around to trying on whatever we grabbed and deciding whether we get to keep them, or begrudgingly hand them over to whoever had booked whatever piece second should it not have worked out for us. Whatever does not work for any one of us goes into a charity pile which we handover to any charities that we know of.

And the end result is always that we leave each other feeling extremely fulfilled for:

  • The extra space we’ve created in our wardrobes
  • The fact that we’ve got new beautiful clothes for free
  • And that our clothes have gone to people we know deserve them

So yeah, this is how I ended up with this beautiful dress and how it ended up coming to the blog in today’s blog post. Ladies (I know I’m mostly speaking to you in this, get yourself a group of friends and start making this happen if you have not already). Ask me any questions you may have in the comments below, or let me know how we could spruce up our clothes swap if this is something you already do.

Thank you for stopping by!

Pictures taken by Nicole from Behind The Scenes Photography.