Dark Grey

Good morning! I am coming to you with a fashion post on dark greys. Dark grey is a colour that will always catch my attention because of how close it is to being black. I like that it gives me the option to wear something close to being black, but not quite.

Juxtaposed with life, I also relate with the colour grey because in almost every situation nothing is ever just black or just white. There is always a shade of another colour to it; the perfect middle being grey.

When you flip it another way, there is a tendency that we all have to feel either white (extremely happy) or black (extremely gloomy) and yet we exist in the reality of things being grey. Sometimes you might be extremely happy about something, and something else – at that very moment went wrong and your actual existence is somewhere in the middle of both.

My choice for shooting in this dress and background is not just because I like the colour grey, but to address the fact that life is never perfect; and that’s okay. My personal choice is to highlight and live where my happy is, and find ways to get through my gloomy. I am an overall happy person because I choose to be happy and it’s worked perfectly in my life to date.

To bring you back to fashion, this dress can be dressed down, worn casually with sneakers, or dressed up with heels. I did the former. Sneakers, neutral makeup and out of the door!  I added a hat to this just for the shoot.

Happy hump day!


PS: Pictures by Nicole.