Joy, the small big word

Hi there Beautiful Friends, just thought I’d carry on with my yearly tradition of writing a piece on my word for the year. The word for 2018 has been Joy. That small three letter very BIG word.

A few friends and I have a tradition where we pick a word for the year and endeavor to learn, practice, meditate upon and the idea is that by the end of the year, we have mastered this word. What usually happens though is that God and the universe normally starts me off walking through the other end of the word. Picture a campus with the letters of the alphabet. You can go from A to B but instead, You start from A to Z to Y. I think you catch my drift.  If you’re curious about this, you could read Abundantly Angela from last year.

So…. without taking you all down a rabbit hole, this has been and still is the year of joy. I’ve learned that there are probably harder days than easier days (And guys, I could be wrong about this) but joy isn’t a reaction to circumstance. You choose joy. YASSS  to that obnoxious outfit you are considering wearing, to laughing out really loud and being unapologetic about it, to spending the entire day in pajamas once in a while, to buying yourself something just because… yes to joy!

You get to be the protagonist of this story and do whatever you please. Just make sure you pass some joy and light onto the next person you meet. To spend time with the people you treasure and if you can’t see them to let them know that you are thinking about them.

This small big word, Joy…. I’ve had 12 months to learn, meditate and master it but I actually think this is just a lifelong thing. I’m thankful and full of joy for all the small big things. (And the small big people too!)

If you have a yearly practice, or practice that you stick to for any period of time, comment down below.

Nicole perfectly depicted my word for this year, with something as simple as bubbles.

Thank you for coming by!