October Fever

Happy New Month! Its hard to believe we are in the 10th month of the year already. October! Where did the time go? What have I been up to? I feel like I could be getting a fever.  Is it me or do the years seem to go by much faster than they did in the 90’s?

Black and White Photography with a touch of fever

I should be mini panicking, taking stock of the things I set out to accomplish this year. That is certainly one approach. But I would quickly forget all the other things I have managed to accomplish. They weren’t on the master plan but ended up being more urgent or important as the months have rolled back.


It might be in the bible or a book, but there’s a lot of wisdom in the statement “Be Content without being content” in essence crawl before you walk. Take care of your body and your mind because its the only place you have to live!” I’ve been thinking about all these things all at once and there’s been some anxiety. My coach (I’m so thankful for her but this is probably another days story) and I have explored and experimented with mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, power posing all of it. Its worked when I’m guided but leave me to my devices and I can’t seem to quiet my mind.

You Are Enough!

The thing is, I know its not just me. If you are the kind person that’s looking for a lot out of life, its tough to accept that you are enough. You are doing enough and that in itself is enough. What I am saying is that I’m doing my best and trying to look cute doing it. Do your best, and if you don’t feel like being cute while doing it, that’s your prerogative!

*say cheese*

Also, October is Breast Cancer awareness month ladies! Have you had your annual mammogram or self checks?

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Photography by Nicole.