A Good Day for A Good Day

Hey Beautiful people. I seem to write these really deep and thoughtful pieces that feel heavy to me lately. It might be the time of the year or the time in life. One thing about me is that I know no other way than to be true to what I’m feeling at a given time. I haven’t been bouncing around in the glory of all things fun and adventure recently. Instead, I have been thinking about life goals, wealth, legacy and living the life of my dreams. Fashion, food, photography and all things African pop culture are still my great loves but it seems mentally, I have been on this deep detour for the last little while and I’m trying to figure out how to have a good day while working hard for a great life.

A Good Day

I’m reminded of the quote “All of us are in the trenches but some of us are staring out into the stars.” It’s comforting that we are ALL trying to figure this life thing out and most of us will do this for the rest of our life.

There is a list of things I have read to be tried and tested. I’ll share some of them down below and hope you guys will help me build a longer list down below;

10 steps to ensure you have a good day:

  1. Believe in something greater than yourself. Your life, goals, bills and focus on that thing rather than these details. For me, this person is God. While I’m no poster child for Christianity, its humbling to know that there is someone greater than this all and they are my biggest supporter.
  2. Live generously. With your time, money and any other currency you hold dear. It sometimes has got to be just for just. This could be a lip balm, a coffee, an offer for a lift. Something/ anything to make someone else have a better day that takes the focus off of you.
  3. Plan. This is a huge one. Many of us are great at planning on getting other people’s things done apart from ourselves.
  4. Follow the plan. This one can get quite murky. Whenever you are stuck in the details and in the thick of anything great, you will honestly not be able to see an end in sight. It’s discouraging, its boring and this is when most of us abandon the plan and go back to trying to bounce around. Stick to the plan guys. Trust the process. 
  5. Celebrate the small victories. This isn’t the act of kindness we do for someone else. This one is entirely for your pleasure and if you are feeling guilty for doing something for yourself, you haven’t mastered this one yet. Plan for it, budget for it, do it and then push away the guilt. Because YOU are worth it.
  6. Learn, learn learn and get out of any room you are the smartest person in. Because we all have the same hours a day as Jack Ma and Bill Gates.
  7. Look for people that will support you, challenge you, grow you and let the ones who don’t do this fall to the I love you but I’ve got to leave you pile. Be the same for people in your life and look out for the people that particularly need a hand up in their lives. (Back to bullet point 2)
  8. Remember that money is one of the only things that’s non – discriminatory. there is enough for all of us to make a lot of it.
  9. Look into your own self limiting beliefs. Write them on a post – it note and then reshape them into affirmations. Put them side by side on your dressing table so that every time you think one, you will self correct into the other.
  10. Your turn! What life advice do you know to work well in your life right in this moment?

I’d like to end by saying a massive thank you to all of you Who’ve been along for the journey since the beginning and those who’ve discovered us recently and follow along.