De Salu, a taste of Nigeria

Alright guys, new week new blog post and this week I’m bringing it back to being about food. (No shame in my game). This post is for everyone who has heard about De Salu, a Nigerian restaurant in Kampala that serves some really GOOD food and would like to try it out.

De Salu is along Bukoto Kira road, at the same location as Cayenne. When I heard that there was a new Nigerian restaurant in town, I literally run to make sure I tasted the food myself to decide on if it’s the kind of place I vibe with or not – and it is guys! First of all in terms of ambience it’s a nice and airy space, which is accented with industrial accessories in their lighting and mirrors. I also love that it has some really cool art scattered around the space.

I want to say that I made my reservation on email. Our conversations leading up to my reservations were back and forth on email. This is a big one because I decided to make the big leap and try out the restaurant on a day when I planned a birthday surprise lunch. Daring I know – but new places = a whole new vibe and what good is a surprise if you go back to the same old places right?

So anyway, this team reached out to me in advance and told me about what I could possibly order. I pre ordered cake and told them when it should have been brought to me; they called me back and followed me up – twice! We all know how service in Uganda is, so it was a real shocker seeing this level of professionalism in a restaurant here. Everything I planned out worked out perfectly!

When I finally got round to ordering their food they made it to our tastes, it did not take long to come, it tasted good, and it was exactly what I expected it to be. I am also anti spice so when I asked for them to make my food as mild as it could possibly be, they did a good job of it. As far as what I ordered, I went for the Nigerian food on their menu, since I eat continental meals in so many restaurants in Kampala. My recommendations would definitely be Jollof rice, Fried Plantain, Egusi and Pounded Yam. With UGX 50,000 you can certainly have all the food you need to have you rolling out of this restaurant on a full tummy. You will find everything you need to know about price before you go over to the restaurant here.

All in all, a definite must try if you have not been yet.