Double Buns & Clean Lines

Good Morning! By the time you read this it will be the morning of Black Friday! A day made to feed our shopping addictions and to give us great shopping deals. I’m hopping to entertain you while you lounge around waiting in a line, or for the delivery of items you’ve most probably been eyeing and planning for, for a while. I’ve titled this post double buns (for obvious reasons) and clean lines with the hope to guide you on what you should get if any of the items you’ll be buying will be clothes.

Here is a trick that I use to simplify my life. Make that two tricks actually. You’ve heard me talk over and over about how my closet is drowning in black and white items. My theory is simple. I know that those colours are easy on the eye, and they are in a sense like a uniform for me and make it easy for me to pick something out of my wardrobe and just run. That way, I don’t need to think too much in the morning before I run off to whatever my day holds for me.

Aligned with that, In October I made it to 7 years of having natural hair. (Yes, 7 years! I know!) So here is what I’ve learn’t and what I’m doing to deal with my hair as it gets longer. Wash days are hectic, and dealing with my hair throughout the week can be a headache but I’ve learn’t some hacks. Doing simple things like a bun or double buns with extensions makes my life a trillion times simpler and helps me to protect it throughout the week and not have to wake up and hustle making it look pretty for the day.

Now keeping these two tricks in mind, if you are going to be buying any clothing items this Black Friday, please consider picking up stuff that is clean and simple. Plain black, plain white, black and white – possibly with a minimal of the opposite colour similar to what I have on in these pictures, because you’ll be able to get so much more of a wear out of it. I know it’s tempting to buy party outfits and things that will make statements since party season (read December) is right around the corner, but opt for investment pieces that you can rebound. Trust me, in the middle of next year, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.

With that said, Happy Shopping, and have a lovely weekend.