Fun In The Sun

Good morning Beautiful friends! I woke up one morning last week at about 7:00am and it was sauna hot. It seems the seasons changed overnight and its heating up for Christmas. I much prefer the cooler weather but this is an opportunity to have some real fun with fashion.  Flicking through my clothes, I landed on this yellow sunny off-the-shoulder number. This is one trend I’ve been loving because it complements everyone. I honestly haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t look good in an off-the-shoulder blouse. The suns out and I plan on having fun with my clothes this season.

When the weather is like this, its all about high buns for me and my locs. I’m not about to have sticky drenched hair and the heat rush, I have already noticed creeping up on me. I love the yellow and white clean lines and the fabric is so light. This was a weekend look for me but I think its coming to the office with me as well. The versatility and simplicity, with a touch of fun flirty is perfect for me. 

With the high bun and darker lip, It makes this an option for a more serious event and in my case, even a fun brunch with friends.


Blouse by H&M

If you have followed the blog for a little while now, you probably know that a year or so ago, I decided to get rid of my full closet of things I do not love anymore and only invest in the clothes I love and have a lot of fun with. (Even though i have to wear them within an inch of their lives.) I found a wonderful charity called Driven2Change. Every year, I go through my cloths, purge all the things I haven’t worn in 6 months and take them to a local thrift market. I love vending at these markets but that’s an entire story of its own…

Whatever doesn’t sell goes to charity.  No questions, no excuses, no sneaking back into my closet. What I learned is that these items are in turned sold by the recipients and it makes me so happy to think that they are able to run micro businesses using items that people no longer use. In turn, I make room for clothes I actually love and will have fun in the sun with, like this little number.

So then, until next time, Have fun in the sun!