It’s camel babe!

I would say Camel is all the rage this season. But I don’t know much about seasons or what the seasonal rage is. What I know is that I like what I like and I don’t really follow the seasons. So today I’m bringing you what I’ve been digging lately: and this is……. camel. 

When I first saw the first pair of camel shoes I loved, I turned to Joan and asked, “Aren’t they the cutest?” she replied, “eeewww NO” What? How can we be sisters and disagree so fundamentally?  They ended up coming home with me because, hey, you like what you like. Now I hope I’m not picking up a habit because I saw someone wearing this camel bag and behold!!! The music in my head started going off. I’m a big believer in splurging on accessories and almost always saving on clothes. Because if you love the accessories, you will wear the heck out of them and look darn good wearing them all the time. On top of that I’m a bag lover. Since I could remember, I always cooed when my mum had a new bag and negotiated for how many years of ownership before she passes it on to me.

This is not the colour mustard, its her cousin. And I think she is an absolute babe. I’m also crossing my fingers I don’t get over her so quickly! But more on the bag. Through a connection, I got this genuine leather camel coloured tote from Ethiopia. A tip you might want to look into. Ethiopia has some of the worlds best genuine leather items, at a fraction of the standard world cost. A tote that I can just drop all my junk in and go while still looking effortlessly chic is what all my bag dreams are made of.

In 2012, I came across this MUST READ article originally written in 1997 by Glamour magazine post on all the things a woman should know and have by the time she is 30. I haven’t given it a lot of thought since then but since 30 is around the corner for me now, I find myself going back to it to see how I’ve faired in the last 6 months. I must say I’m doing pretty well and the realization that I have already determined where I will splurge and where I will save without FOMO is an indication that there has been progress. So my question to you guys is… Where will you splurge and where will you save? Will it be on a night out? A trip? A bag? Shoes? Let me know in the comments section below.