A New Fashion Obsession

Fashion obsessions for me normally start by watching someone new on YouTube, TV or when I am up and about and come across someone that I think is COOool. If I’m honest, it also has a lot to do with my pinterest fashion boards. I will start a search to see how people style a certain fashion item, save one image after another until I’ve gone so far down the deep web and dug up every cool image and saved it to my board. This is exactly what happened with this new brogue/ oxford obsession. [Brogue: a strong outdoor shoe with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather.]

A couple of years ago, I met a girl who quit her job to start a fashion line that majorly works with local artisans to make high quality brogues (among – st other fashion items) that are cute as heck. This girl is the very definition of effortless in her fashion and she said to me, “You should really try some brogues on” I think they would really look nice on you. “Hmm, I don’t know” I replied.

A year on and I had the nagging feeling to try those brogues that had finally gone on sale.  I ordered some online, confident I would get so much wear out of them. By this time, I had saved so many fun images on my Pinterest board and the fashion world would be my oyster. Plus, at this point, I was so over heels. Its quite common that I go into and out of phases where I’m loving heels, hating heels, loving them again…

2 months after the brogues arrived went by. 6 months,8… nothing. I had purchased a black pair on purpose. Black is safe, it goes with everything. I would wear these new brogues and promptly remove them. They don’t look so feminine. I feel like a fraud. The leather is rough, tough and tight but they fit. Ouch!! 

You know what else they are though, fun! They are fun. A conversation piece. A mood. In this look, I threw on black and white and a playful little hoodie from Ubwiza. Its the point of fashion, right? To push your definition and express a mood, an inspiration, loud and proud.

The truth is I’m still struggling with the starkness of these shoes. They still make me feel like a tomboy, and I’m not one. I have been toying with the idea to go and have some print added on bits and pieces of them so that I can wear them with some frilly dresses and finally break them in. (Because its been 2 years and they still haven’t been worn more than 3 hours). Sigh.

Do you ever dress differently than has grown to be synonymous with the person you are? I’m always on the hunt for new fashion looks so if you have a Pinterest board you would like to share down below, Please do. It could be fashion, home decor, photography, whatever. I could definitely use some fresh inspiration as 2019 rolls around the corner.

Pictures taken by Nicole and shot at Panamera.