Black Gold

Good morning! I’m so excited about bringing you into our blogs space today because I am going to be talking black and gold. How they are colours that I love (you should too because of how classic they are) and how they have since translated into my home and my decor theme.

So the thing about black and gold is that if I jumped off the blog right now and teleported into the 1920’s, they would be colours that still dominated at that point in time. Think about how many black items you have in your wardrobe and how many gold pieces you own. Better still how so many of your parents own gold jewelry and we look at it now and think it is still so precious.

Interestingly when I was thinking of all of my furniture pieces and my homes accents (I got married recently if you didn’t know) I did not have a theme per say, I just found myself gravitating towards these colours. It started off by one small item being black and then the logical decision to carry it on with everything else so that they didn’t look mismatched. Gold is a story of its own. Gold in my mind translates to a rich colour palette – and something that is timeless. So like the black items, I started off with one item and carried on. I have since found myself looking around my house and noticing that there is certainly a theme that is carried throughout the house.

To show you what I mean’t we shot this outfit – a very basic black cropped top and skirt and we dressed it up with gold accent pieces. It also certainly helps that we shot this with a gold themed wall at Panamera. (How appropriate is it that this outfit also has a very festive vibe to it, and its DECEMBER!) 

Are you a theme kind of person, and would you go as far as carrying that theme to your living space?! Let me know in the comments below.

Till the next time.


PS: Photography by Nicole.