A Weekend Morning Routine

For a while now, (years if I’m being honest) life and work have been quite intense. I can’t complain. I wanted and prayed for a time when I’d live right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. I’m grateful, but have also been wiped out many a time. So I found a few routine practices, both in the morning and at night that bring about much-needed balance. Today, we are specifically talking about my cherished weekend morning routine.

We have a rule at my house. No one gets up before 8:00 am on a weekend (unless we absolutely must), no loud music, no alarms, no phones, no barks (yes- even the pup has to follow the rules) before 8:00 am on the weekends. The idea is to slow down and enjoy the morning, letting it befold before our eyes.

There’s a stark comparison between weekend mornings and weekday mornings. During the week, I have the same breakfast, work out on the same days, follow the same patterns. It helps me remove a lot of the stressful decision-making and get ish done. The weekends, however, are a complete delight. Every one in a while, it’s a brunch weekend. I am still working my way through trying every brunch spot Kampala has to offer. Just like the weekend, I prefer my look to be simple. A classic white top and jeans or some variation of an outfit that can be thrown together will normally cut it. I might be a bit playful with my shoes, also in tribute to the weekend. (Since the week doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility in the shoe department.)

I’ll even experiment with my coffee order and so something other than french pressed with a dash of milk.  If I’ve been “on-it” with fitness and nutrition, I will enjoy a brownie or a glazed donut, and do it guilt free. Endiro in Muyenga is great for the coffee and their sweet treats are to die for. But if you get there a little earlier, you also have a lot of space and time to yourself.

This is the most valuable time, if you ask me. I get to dream, doodle and plan. I can also be very intentional in what I see as success for a few weeks to come. The idea of just doing something for me, smelling the coffee and hearing the birds chirp, is a mental and spiritual oasis in this existence. Purposefully, pushing away the urge to scroll through social media, or follow up with one person or another and just pausing. Taking the time to count my blessings and purposefully pushing away the internal and external judgments.

PS: Pictures taken by Walsh.