Happy Skin

Ever heard the phrase, “Happy Girls are the prettiest girls?” That would make happy skin really pretty. We have been blogging four years now which means four years of skin maturing. I’m a big believer of not getting swept up in this age of super expensive skincare wave and give in to big marketing machines that tell us we cannot survive without this product and the other.

Still I am well aware that between skin care and makeup, I’ll save on the makeup if my skin is happy. Most recently, I’d run out of eye cream and I popped into a couple of stores, leaving almost immediately because of the price tags. Eye cream, if you don’t know, can be quite pricey.

Happy Skin

A good one should curb or reverse signs of aging and fine lines around your eyes. That, or do what Khloe Kardashian says, which is “Never sleep on your face because it ages you” I am not fortunate to curate what sides of my face I sleep on and as the big 3 0 is on the horizon, I plan to continue with my eye cream which I have been on since 24. I’m hoping out loud that our home grown brands will have eye cream as a part of their product lines soon enough.

A few other essentials I’m enjoying

  1. Wash. At any given time, I am probably using two or so different washes and scrubs. Some are stronger and come in handy for breakouts and heavy work out sessions, while some are gentle and work well when I first wake up in the morning. For that extra cleanse, I use this rubbery handheld device to give a deep cleanse.
  2. Toner is a MUST for me. It gets rid of any excess dirt or makeup and tightens pores. I’ve tried store brought, self made ones with rose water and apple cider vinegar and I happen to be using and enjoying this one by Kweli at the moment.
  • 3. Moisturize. Whatever is gentle and has SPF in it should work just fine. I have tried a few of these as well and find that the best ones have fewer ingredients in them.

PS: don’t mind that little guy on my face this week. I’ve had a week of hustling hard to get things done and we all break out in stress sometimes. At the moment, I directly apply this witch hazel spot treatment day and night to soothe any angry breakouts.

Also, don’t forget – Its just as important, if not more important what goes into your body as it is what you put on it. More water, more exercise, more nutrient dense meals that don’t cause your skin to break out in allergies. Hopefully, you will share some products you have been enjoying in the comments below.

Thank you for stopping by.