The “It” Factor in a Sandwich

I don’t know about you but I like to visit a restaurant with one or two people so that we can all order different things and try each other’s food out. I’m about guide you through the sandwich section of the menu at Endiro Coffee with the hope to shorten your meal decision process when you go by. Why sandwiches you ask? Because they are some of the easiest things to order, they should make for a quick meal and you do not have to think too much before you make an order.

The heavily wooden interior in Endiro Cofee is my exact kind of space. When I noticed that it also had industrial hints in the lights and chairs, I could not help but smile at the fact that it not only looks different from many typical restaurant spaces in Uganda, it also is designed differently from the other Endiro Coffee shops I’ve been to.

Now back to the food! For a sandwich to really catch my attention it better have got one, if not both of these things right. One. It always comes down to the bread. If it is not fresh, toasted bread and the waiter does not ask what kind of bread I’ll have alongside it, I might just storm out. (JK!) Two. Sides. I like when I’m offered a wide array of sides to choose from preferably with almost nothing similar between them. So for example, I feel cheated when I get asked to choose between fries, roasted or baked potatoes. I’d like to look the waiter straight in the eye and ask them why the person who came up with the menu did not think creatively, but I always hold myself back, knowing that I’ll just be shooting the messenger. All of the above are what led me to hone in on the Sandwich section in this review and write this review. On that day we had:

Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Fresh Fruit:

This comes with grilled chicken breast seasoned in pesto (just like its name suggests), sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella. The combination of pesto and sun dried chicken works well with chicken because it brings out the “tang” in it. This was my favourite thing about this dish. Now I won’t mention which one of us ordered this dish, but they did so with a side of fresh fruit. The chicken tasted great on its own, as did the fruits and I would eat them as that. Two separate items because I cannot stand the thought of combining food with fruits. I imagine this meal would be for someone who was looking to snack, with the option in mind to carry off their fruits and walk away. This meal cost UGX 23,000.

Cali BLT Sandwich with French Fries

Cali BLT Sandwich with French Fries:

I’ll be honest, I’ve eaten this meal a gazillion times before
(not in this restaurant though), and I love it. On this day it was no different. The mix of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado on toasted bread is one that I think of and salivate because I know how happy it makes my mind – and my tummy. The french fries were thin and in the perfect middle between not too crisp and not soft and soggy. This meal costs UGX 20,000.

Thai Chicken Wrap with House Antipasto Salad

Thai Chicken Wrap with House Antipasto Salad:

Although this is not really a sandwich, I’ve included it in todays post because it fits right in with the first two meals, and I really enjoyed it. It’s grilled chicken with pickled vegetables, feta cheese a whole bunch of other goodness and a sweet chilli sauce. The sweet chilli and Thai spicing gives it an underlying sweet taste that I’m certainly here for. I also loved that this was ordered alongside salad which made for a light and really flavourful meal. This costs UGX 23,000.

You’ll notice that I’ve spoken about three – very non related side dishes, all of which contributed to my wanting to write this blog post. The restaurant also serves many options of smoothies, juices and coffee so there are more than enough options should you want to pick out a drink. With UGX 50,000, you will have more than enough money to spend.

Till the next time, Joan.

Photography by Walsh.