A Travel How To

Okay so here’s the thing, we all go through burn outs. Times when we’ve worked our butts off and we’ve literally had enough of our day to day lives. Enter travel – which is what I do to reboot and take some time off. One thing is for sure, every after a trip, I feel like I have no cares in the world, and it acts as refresh button for me.

Today I want to talk about the HOWS. Because trips are expensive ( they don’t need to be) but almost always are. This is what I do, that could easily be applicable for you.

First of all, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, I put aside money to travel and help me do the things that make me happy. I don’t fail, I don’t falter and I’m pretty darn serious about this. That way, I almost always have a cushion that could fund an impromptu trip, and if I’m taking a trip that I was prior aware of, I break down the costs and save towards the big figure. (The big figure if you have not figured it out is the overwhelming number that comes about when you sum up all the expenses you need to take a trip to a most likely far away location. Think air fare, hotel, transport, etc.) I know what traveling does for me and how integral it is to me and I make it a priority. Aside from rebooting, I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and seeing the world from a different point of view. Very importantly I love the stories that come out of taking trips. And so keeping all this in mind, I allow myself the luxury of taking a trip. 

I also break it down into one big trip a year if I can manage. So one trip that involves a flight somewhere, an expensive (or fairly expensive) hotel and some luxury. After that, I pretty much keep it to Uganda. Could I pack up and have a weekend getaway to Jinja? What place in Uganda have I not been to yet that I’d love to go and see. It’s got to be one that won’t break the bank. So with all of this considered I choose my smaller trips which realistically won’t be more than two in a year. 

This might be a blogpost on its own but also when it comes to packing I ALWAYS have my camera. I’m quite sure if I didn’t have a blog I’d still do this because I’ve always done this from way before we started the blog. How could I possibly miss out on getting pictures of my travels and keeping vivid reminders? Since I started the blog, sometimes I carry a laptop so that I can work and turn around blogposts as quickly as possible, occasionally I carry a tripod to help me get the best shots, but mostly it helps that my camera has inbuilt WiFi transfer so that I can decide to leave all the extras behind and just carry it. 

And lastly, research. I COMB the internet, looking for flight deals. I consider all options of places that I could stay that fit within my budget. I look at pictures of the place for example on booking.com, and then I go and airbnb to see if it’s there as well and there might be pictures that are not on another site. I then go to trip advisor and read peoples reviews of the place. If it does not have at least 80 percent good reviews, I don’t consider it. Simple. If it has negative reviews it also helps to see how the owner responded to that review and if there is an explanation as to why what went wrong did.

So to sum it up for you, dedicate resources towards your travel, do not guilt trip yourself or talk yourself out of it, break it down into one big trip and possibly add some smaller trips to it, always carry a camera or something to carry memories away and do your research!

These pictures were taken at Pineapple Bay on a trip I took there early this year. Let’s talk about what you must absolutely do to take a trip. Comment down below.