Cocktail Daredevil

Cocktailing – the act of drinking or mixing together a number of drinks to make the perfect one. Ok, fine, I just made that word up, but which human does not feel a huge amount of happiness when a perfect looking glass is enroute to them, ofcourse with a foreign colour like orange, red or green in the midst of your drink, also always topped up with some fruit (think like a perfect cherry on top). After spending a lot of time drinking and buying cocktails, I decided to try my luck at slapping ingredients together to see what could possibly work.

I googled options of bases that go into cocktails and made do of what I had around me that was similar to what I found online. Basically, Vodka (any vodka of your choice will do), Ice cubes, Krest  (soda water, sparkling water, or champagne could have given me good results as well) and Beet root (to give my drink a nice colour). The result was a lip smacking cocktail that they (Nicole and Angela) had to peel out of my hands to convince me to complete this shoot.

It was quick and easy. Putting all the ingredients together was fun, until I poured the soda over everything at the end. At this point I was practically giddy watching it froth up, and excited about the prospect of tasting my own cocktail. The joy that came from knowing that it’s possible to pull together basic items and end up with a FAR FROM BASIC drink made me think of so many possibilities.

Needless to say, by the time this post goes up, I am about to earn the title of mixologist. Lol. Seriously though, my wanting to put this drink together came from a head space of knowing that it is possible to make do with what you’ve got around you, and making it work so well – you just might end up loving it.

So the next time you think about leaving the comfort of your home to go and sit down with your girls to cocktails, there is a possibility you could just invite them over, and throw together some basic home ingredients to make amazing cocktails.

Till the next time,


Photography: Nicole

Location: De Kabalaza