Keeping in Shape At Home

No better feeling than the accomplishment of a workout

It’s been a few years since my last fitness post. I still get to work out almost every week unless I’m unwell or on vacation. Ok. I’ll be honest, I’m not as strong or agile as I was but still aim for at least two workouts a week. Just like most women, I am self – conscious about one body part or another and I am careful to always emphasize that I’m an enthusiast. Not an expert. Through self – education and listening to my body, I have identified what I think works to keep my body in shape. Of course I look to the experts when I am looking for a different result OR something doesn’t feel right, but generally, I believe its really to each her or his own. Lately, I have been purposefully experimenting with home workouts. I use my minimal equipment or hit the road for a jog or brisk walk.

No gym? No worries. Get it in!

If you asked me a year ago, I would have said, “Home workouts are just not for me. I cannot maintain the discipline or get anywhere close to the exercise efficacy machines and a gym give.” No lie, Its a bigger hurdle to push yourself and get the most out of your workout at home. For me, I really wanted to encourage my partner in his fitness journey. I just thought I would do the home workout with him and then have my gym workouts. My oh my… I underestimated what can be done with a good playlist and some basic movements to target different muscle groups.

Exercise ball crunches

You can always tell a good workout by how deeply you sleep following the workout. After home workouts, It’s always deep sleep for me. Deep dreamless sleep! With regards to my fitness equipment, I started with one thing (GAME Uganda sales are the truth!) and steadily continue to grow my home equipment collection depending on what is needed. My dream is to have a home gym… but until I have the money for that, no excuses will be made.

Body weight is the best kind of weight!

How to Smash Your Home Workout

My home workouts will normally focus on some form of cardio. A run, circuit training going between running, jumping and then either lunges, deadlifts with my handheld weights or the dreaded burpees usually get my heart rate in the fat burning zone quickly and challenge me mentally physically and mentally. Just remember to push yourself a little further each time.

Body weight + additional weight

One fitness hack I stand by for any mental challenge that requires will power is to get an accountability partner. For my enjoyable workout classes like dance or fitness bootcamps, a workout buddy is great. For home workouts, my partner is great. Feel like it or not, one of us will probably nudge the other one into getting it done.

Lastly, as part of my routine, I stretch. I don’t know about you, but stretching doesn’t come natural to me. I got away with it for a few years, until I developed upper back pain. Also, What I have learned that your 23 -year old body isn’t your 29 going on 45 year old body. Recovery is just as important as the workout for results. I will foam roll with this roller after a workout or in the morning as I stretch out any muscle that feels tight. Its quite therapeutic actually and feels like taking time for me!

Have you tried a home workout? Do you workout at all? What’s your preferred workout? Where do you get your minimal home workout equipment from? Help a sister out and comment down below.

Photography by Nicole

Pictures taken at De Kabalaza