Switching It Up : Scarf Edition

Cold weather, Don’t care

Finally! Finally finally finally- The rain is here. (Okay mostly, since we have some rain now and then these days). Just like many of you, in Kampala, Dar and Nairobi, it has been almost unbearable hot lately, with temperatures at a record high. It was all Fun in the Sun in November, but 5 months of heat have me dazed and ready for the rain. Even my full proof deodorant has been tested to the limit. April seems intent on switching it up in Kampala, bringing with it April showers and beautiful breezes. I don’t know about you, but I have already laid out all my scarfs. I’m ready to make the most of the season, both for the fashion options and the cozy weather.

Its all about the scarf!

And its not just the scarves, I’m switching up the hair as well. Day on day, I’m trying out different plaits, pigtails and even head wraps… because, I have always been quite basic with my locs. But this beautiful weather, which by the way, is my favorite season, brings with it so much inspiration and a desire to play!

Kona scarf switched into a throw over.

If you are looking for style ideas, I bring you two different scarfs. I absolutely love my mustard’s and burnt brick oranges. Because these are such statements on their own, they are good to go with black, grey or whites. Because if you ask me,its all about the scarf.

So… no excuse ladies, the seasons might have switched, but comfortable isn’t necessarily boring and uninspired. Instead, the way I see it, we get to incorporate more items that might not make sense in our warm weather the rest of the year. I’ve even heard that the ladies in Kenya plan to dust off their boots pretty soon and get ready to wear them out.

Will you reduce, reuse and recycle?

Lastly, I must remind you all to refuse polythene, reuse plastic and reduce. Our beautiful planet needs YOU to tell someone, who will tell someone. Because, “One person won’t change the world-but two might.” Mostly because I truly believe the heat wave we just went through only gets worse each year because of global warming.

These pictures were taken by Nicole at De Kabalaza.