Keep It Silly Simple

The Twenties

The year is 2019… I have made a few radical changes lately and it must be because I am getting to the 3rd floor in a few months. Thinking back on my late teens and early twenties, I was the queen of fun. Complete with having a wardrobe consisting of 70% “going out clothes”, a stark contrast to what I would go for today. YES. “going out clothes” was a thing back then. And there was nothing simple about the fashion.

Simple Thirties

Fast forward to a busy past few years, pursuing every opportunity and purposefully taking a few career risks, my last day at the office had arrived. When I hang up the proverbial coat, I was in a daze. It’s very humbling to admit that as much as I loved the people and the idea of the work I was doing, this role was not right for me. I knew, without a doubt that it was time to go back to basics and just keep it “silly” simple. The thing they don’t tell you about this acts of bravery is that you could be doubly worried, not having figured out your next step if you walk out without proper preparation.

I knew I had to intentionally meditate, pray and stay really positive. Slow down intentionally and do some soul searching. Some of the above, I aced, some others, I didn’t. I also finally had weekends! For the first time in a long time. Proper weekends without work obligations. Initially, I planned to catch up with all the fun nights I have been missing out on. I must have quickly got that out of my system, because lately, I want to chill out, bare faced catch up with shows and read a good book.

Funny thing is- the other day, someone said to me, you never wear makeup, do you? I actually haven’t been wearing much makeup lately. It must be all the heat and just wanting to let my skin breathe. Who would have thought one can take photos on their blog without lipstick on! I had the idea to go with a simple look for this shoot, simply because this is actually a true reflection of what I would look like on any given weekend morning. What I always say when the debate about girls and makeup comes up is that – it’s one’s face and one’s prerogative. If I’m feeling like it, I’ll slap on a face, complete with a cat eye, blush, and bronzer. If I’m not, I’m going barefaced and enjoying it.