Sun Kissed

“A man is what he thinks about all day long” – Emerson.  A quote that resonates so deeply with me! I am from the school of thought that what you think about, and your thoughts manifest into your being, so I choose Sun.

Let me bring you guys along with me to show you what I mean. When I was really, REALLY young, I remember the very first time I figured out that after 12 months; a year would have come and gone. I remember watching a lady braid Angela, mine and our other sisters hair and registering that although the French braids she was doing on our hair looked great, she could easily swap them out and have them facing upwards into what would be a cornrow. This is really strange when I think about it now, because at the time I did not know what a cornrow was, or what it looked like, but I visualized it.

I can count many instances in my life where I’ve visualized things and they happened. To say the least, I’m a firm believer in manifesting the things you want for your life. That being said, Angela always teases me and says I believe I can do everything in the whole wide world. And she isn’t far from it. I honestly will always be that person asking questions, challenging and believing that even when things seem impossible they can be done.

So I believe in sun and I believe in happiness. I know life happens and sometimes things are not always rosy, but I tell myself all the time that I can pull myself out of that place because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Angela and I shot these pictures with light rays reflecting on my face to try and illustrate what my post would be about.

This week, I’ll love and leave you with a link from one of my favourite writers. Alex is unashamed about her journey in life, where it has brought her, and she is intentional about having only good energy around her. Her writing is beautiful and her words ring a lot of truth.

Till the next time,